Trend Micro.

Our partner for a world safe for exchanging digital information.

As one of the world’s leading providers of IT security, Trend Micro is passionate about creating a world that’s safe for exchanging digital information—today and into the future. Our innovative solutions for private users, businesses and authorities provide networked security for data centres, cloud workloads, networks and end points thanks to the XGen™ security strategy.

Trend Micro’s multi-layer solutions have been optimised for leading environments such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® and VMware®. Organisations can leverage them to automate protection of their valuable data from current threats. Our Connected Threat Defense enables the seamless sharing of threat intelligence and provides transparency and centralised control in order to protect organisations in the best possible way.

With over 6,500 employees in 50 countries and the world’s most advanced research and analysis of global cyberthreats, Trend Micro provides protection for a networked world.

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TrendMicro Endpoint Protection Lifecycle

User protection.

Protect your users with the right technology at the right time—on any device, anywhere, for every application.

The art of staying one step ahead of threats

Threats are constantly evolving and aim to gain access to your sensitive business system through your users.

We have transformed user protection into an art form, offering security that adapts to today’s ever-changing threats, creates forecasts and is always one step ahead of threats such as fileless malware, targeted attacks, ransomware and cryptomining.

Set up multiple layers of protection for end point, e-mail, web and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to keep your users safe, regardless of device, application, network or location.

  • Maximum protection
  • Minimum effort
  • Interconnected layers of security

Hybrid Cloud Security.

Simplified security management and enhanced transparency of physical, virtual, cloud and container-based environments and more.

Effective protection.

Prevent and detect intrusions and malicious changes across all types of workloads and in your development pipeline with the most comprehensive security capabilities.

Supported by market-leading global threat intelligence, Hybrid Cloud Security tools consolidates security tools to lower costs, reduce complexity and simplify security and compliance.


Achieve consistent protection and end-to-end transparency in the cloud, virtualised data centres and containers with a security solution that closes security gaps and reduces reporting complexity.

Hybrid Cloud Security gives you centralised transparency and control, fast response times to incidents, optimised integration and flexible licencing.


Leverage a networked security solution integrated into your DevOps processes to support the implementation of security features in different environments without impacting performance.

Automate manual processes with a security solution that can be integrated for pipeline management, deployments, monitoring and much more in your CI/CD pipeline with APIs.

Network defence.

The art of identifying and protecting known, unknown and undisclosed vulnerabilities.

The next-generation intrusion protection systems on the market these days were originally developed for on-premise networks, which is why they are largely ineffective against modern threats and aren’t able to offer sufficient protection.

Only when there is complete visibility of all network activity and a multi-layered Connected Threat Defense will you be able to stay ahead of today’s complex threats. By combining cross-generation technologies and advanced threat detection for maximum protection, our Network defence solution goes way beyond what next-generation IPS can offer.