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Digital transformation has seen an exploding number of new technologies, connected devices and computing platforms. From IT to cloud and IoT to OT, this complex computing landscape forms the modern cyber attack surface. Today's problems are still solved using yesterday's tools and processes - created for an era of IT where the cyberattack surface was a static laptop, desktop or on-prem server. As a result, organisations are faced with issues at every step - identifying assets, uncovering vulnerabilities and prioritising their remediation, measuring risks and benchmarking against similar organisations - that prevent them from confidently managing and mitigating their cyber risk. The digital age demands a new approach.

Tenable is the first and only provider of cyber exposure management solutions. As such, the company works with over 40,000 organisations and businesses worldwide to help them manage and measure cybersecurity risk in the digital age. Tenable provides security teams with comprehensive visibility to see their entire cyber attack surface at all times, and provides CISOs, senior management and boards with the insights they need to prioritise and measure cyber exposure. In doing so, Tenable builds on its deep technological expertise as a pioneer in the vulnerability assessment and management market.


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The Tenable Cyber Exposure Platform provides unique visibility into cyber risks across the modern attack surface (including OT, Active Directory and Cloud). At the same time, it provides deep analytics to measure and communicate cyber risk from a business perspective, enabling better strategic decision making. The Tenable platform includes the following components:


is a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management solution that enables organisations to determine their cyber exposure of all assets on any platform.


is the number one vulnerability assessment solution. The industry's most accurate, comprehensive and widely deployed solution for point-in-time vulnerability assessments.


is a cloud solution that accurately identifies, investigates and prioritises vulnerabilities.


is an on-prem solution that accurately identifies, investigates and prioritises vulnerabilities.



provides cloud-native security for the entire lifecycle to address cyber risks from development to runtime.


helps security teams proactively detect and remediate Active Directory vulnerabilities before attacks happen and respond to Active Directory attacks in real time.


enables an in-depth assessment of the state of all assets in industrial infrastructures.

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