Software Asset Management Baseline

Software Asset Management (SAM) Baseline.

Software Asset Management (SAM) Baseline is a snapshot of your software deployments and licensing situation for a specific manufacturer. This information is collected either from your existing resources, or using a separate tool that we install in your environment to scan your network for existing software and prepare the required data. In addition to this, we will take an audit-proof licence inventory and compare it with your current installations. The resulting compliance report will reveal any mismatched licenses and installations, cover recommendations for remedying the situation and provide additional key information on licence management.

What are the benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM) Baseline?

  • Respond with confidence to unexpected surprises
  • Make sound decisions based on a comprehensive compliance report
  • Identify and remedy risks and improper licensing
  • Gain transparency for licence negotiations or maintenance
  • Flexibility by leveraging cloud products.

How does Software Asset Management (SAM) Baseline work?



  • Identifying requirements for the installation and licence analysis
  • Identifying the start date and project time frame
  • Identifying the project scope 
  • Knowledge transfer of licensing conditions for the software used

Installation analysis


  • Scanning installation data (a scanning tool may be installed in your environment)
  • Analysing and categorising data (proprietary, freeware, etc.)
  • Creating a revised usage inventory

Licence analysis

  • Creating a record of verifiable licences 
  • Creating a licence history to document the validity of updates and software maintenance contracts e.g. with Microsoft Software Assurance
  • Documenting licence certifications

Compliance check


  • Creating a compliance report including information on mismatched licenses and installations
  • Creating a summary including a risk analysis and recommendations
  • Presenting results and discussing the next steps
Microsoft Licence Compliance & Solution Project
  • Potential analysis on licence migration to online services
  • Evaluation of SAM process readiness
  • Optimisation recommendations
  • Evaluation of existing procurement contracts in accordance with the IT strategy
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Assessment
  • Knowledge transfer on contract types (MBSA, Enterprise Agreement, Enrolment, Server and Cloud Enrolment), product terms and the online service terms
  • Contract conditions 
  • Analysing how the the conditions are implemented and the benefits of the Enterprise Agreement
  • Evaluating the process for determining the annual True-Up notification
  • Securing orders for online services
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement True-Up Service
  • Regular support in the recording of the quantity for the annual True-Up reports within the framework of a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
  • Determining licence inventory
  • Clarifying the differences in the order process for Enterprise products, additional products and online services
  • Determining quantities within the scope of the contract terms using the customer’s existing resources or through the deployment of an inventory software
  • Presenting of the True-Up/True-Down quantities, adjusting the quantities of licences for online services
  • Process optimising for the ongoing determination of quantities for the software in use