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Modern Workplace.

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What is a Modern Workplace? Understanding the Digital Workplace.


The terms—Modern Workplace, Digital Workplace, the workplace of the future—are as numerous as the understanding of what modern working actually means.

We understand the term Modern Workplace as the holistic interplay of end devices, technologies, software and the right tools—all aligned to the employees’ needs.

Modern Workplace complexity is increasing due to globalisation and digital transformation.

To meet the challenges of digitalisation, companies must rethink, redefine and redesign their outdated processes.

This can only happen when communication and collaboration are agile and efficient within the framework of operative business processes and this is why the virtual sharing of knowledge and internal and external collaboration through collaboration platforms are among the fundamental prerequisites for digital transformation in the office environment.

New collaboration tools offer many possibilities to enhance collaboration, make communication more transparent and optimise processes.

Another important point to consider when implementing the Modern Workplace is to have an all-encompassing concept that covers everything from your company’s existing infrastructure and your team and management’s needs to a modern view of IT security.



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