Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit

Corporate data protection.

There’s no middle way.


Over the last few years, data security and integrity has grown in importance and has become yet another hurdle for companies to overcome. It is imperative, therefore, for companies to have the knowledge, tools and policies in place they need to stay on the safe side at all times as they process data and personal information.

Data protection concerns rules on which data a company can save, for how long and how it is processed, as well as whether there is a legal basis and consent to do so, as well as transparency when it comes to processing personal information..

In companies, data protection is first and foremost about how data is being handled, not about making it secure. The encryption of customer information in a database falls under data security.  

Information security forms a framework for policies on access, tiered clearance and other security mechanisms designed to prevent unauthorised parties gaining access to information. Moreover, backup strategies, access management, and protection against malware also pertain to the field of information security.

Data protection is not a one-off project, but a continuous process that envelopes the entire organisation. We can help you take the right steps towards data protection and information security in your company.

Why you need a data protection and information security strategy:

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