Licensing models. 

Our licensing specialists have the perfect licensing model for you.

Decrease the total cost of IT ownership.

Depending on the size and structure of a corporate group, procurement of software licences can be estimated at between approx. 5 and 20 per cent of total IT costs. This may not appear to be that much at first glance, but with over 1,000 computer workstations it makes a significant difference if this value is nearer 5 than 20 per cent! Companies who opt for professional software licence management can thus easily make savings. Bechtle-Comsoft has concentrated on licensing and proven itself over many years to be a committed partner.

We recommend the following licensing models:

Open Licence

For small companies.
The duration of this license is 2 years. Annual costs are lower than if you were to purchase the retail product.


Open Value

For medium-sized businesses.
Open Value allows you to pay in instalments over a three-year period. Every year, you have the option of adding more licences for the remainder of the contract.

Server and Cloud Enrolment (SCE)

For corporations looking for a flexible solution.
Servers and Cloud Enrolment (SCE) are often the most ideal form of licensing when dealing with a need of at least 20 premium licenses or upon growing demand. SCE is a simple “all you can use” licensing solution for companies looking for a flexible and cost-efficient licensing option. Customers still using EAP or those having previously used EAP may now extend their contracts to include SCE.

Microsoft Product Service Agreement (MPSA)

For medium-sized to large companies.
With MPSA, licences can be bundled under one central, global agreement with volume-dependent conditions. This provides the advantage of purchasing flexibility. With MPSA, you can enjoy all of the functionalities and advantages of the former Select Plus licensing programme with additional future of online services. Customers still using Select Plus or those having previously used Select Plus may now extend their contracts to include MPSA.


Enterprise Agreement (EA)

For large companies.
With the Enterprise Agreement, large companies benefit from comprehensive Software Assurance services and reduced licence prices. Customers with EA requiring at least 20 Visual Studio Premium licences can add a server and Cloud Enrolment.