vSphere Optimization Assessment

vSphere Optimization Assessment.

Faster speeds, better reliability and increased stability?

Let us show you how to optimise your IT efficiency with a free vSphere Optimization Assessment.

Our experts will assess your environment and:

  • cut time to problem resolution by 26%
  • spot over-provisioned VMs and cut IT admin costs
  • save up to 30% on hardware by increasing capacity utilisation
  • easily predict and respond to future business needs

As part of the vSphere Optimization Assessment, you get to test VMware vSphere with Operations Management or the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite for 30 days. We install the software and collect and analyse environment data—at absolutely no cost to you. We then compile the findings and recommendations for you in a personalised report.


Your personal Optimization Assessment report.

At the end of the assessment, we will present a customised vSphere Optimization Assessment Report. This report will clearly illustrate how you can improve your virtual environment’s efficiency, manage risk and improve health.

This visibility will allow you to proactively ensure service levels, optimise resource usage and manage your dynamic virtual and cloud environments. Instead of reacting to problems, this will help you to solve them before they happen.

Do you want to optimise your IT efficiency? Then get in touch!

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