Software Asset Management Solutions Assessments

Software Asset Management (SAM) Solutions Assessments.

Microsoft Solution Assessments give customers a better understanding of their own IT environment and provide recommendations for tailored cloud solutions. For this, modern tools and analyses by our experts are leveraged.

The Solution Assessments help companies design their IT modernisation with a focus on cloud scenarios.

Our experts also offer support in the optimisation of IT costs and the realisation of enhanced cost controls, management and IT security.

Infrastructure evaluation and optimisation.

Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Assessment.

  • Top results regarding optimisations to minimise risks
  • Determination of CPU, memory and storage capacity utilisation per server to recommend strategies for optimal use
  • Recommendation for next steps to eliminate or minimise risks
  • Identification of potential to minimise Azure consumption costs, e.g. through Azure Hybrid Benefits.
  • TCO report comparing on-premise and cloud scenarios.
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Increase in server productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Contract Optimization Assessment.

  • Audit-proof record of your licence certifications
  • Comparison of all uses subject to licensing with demonstrable usage rights
  • Recommendation for next steps to eliminate or minimise risks
  • Analysis of current contracts for the procurement of usage rights
  • Recommendations on the best contracts for your IT strategy.

Best possible protection thanks to cybersecurity.

Microsoft Cybersecurity Assessment.

  • Reduction in data loss, the risk of fraud, and employee downtime
  • Ensures the secure management of your software inventory
  • Saves costs be defending against cyberattacks plus boosts your company’s productivity
  • Enables reliable cybersecurity approaches
  • Development of a stable and flexible IT infrastructure that effectively protects you against attacks.
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