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A leading provider of Software Asset Management solutions, Snow Software believes most companies are paying too much for their software because of a lack of control, understanding or compliance.

Snow Software is the largest specialised developer of Software Asset Management solutions. More than 6,000 companies around the world use Snow Software’s SAM platform on-premise and in the cloud to manage software licences on over 11 million desktop and mobile devices from the data centre to the cloud. Snow Licence Manager is the central component and console of Snow’s cross-platform SAM solution for managing all types of licences. From desktop to IBM, PVU, Oracle and SAP licences. SLM calculates the effective licence position (ELP) for individual software vendors and products, and generates detailed reports such as Oracle Server Worksheets (OSW).

Snow Software features:

  • Automatic detection of several thousand licensable applications
  • Complete transparency into software use and compliance status
  • Easy link to the cloud and management of all kinds of licences—from desktop to IBM, PVU, Oracle and SAP licences
  • Discover savings potential thanks to licence optimisation in the data centre
  • Meaningful prognoses and clear reports
  • EMM complete solution for the management of mobile devices over their entire lifecycle.
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Snow Gold Partner

Snow Software’s SAM platform.

  • Snow Licence Manager. The world’s leading SAM solution with millions of licences sold
  • Software Recognition Service. Network-wide detection and identification of commercial applications requiring a licence
  • Oracle Management Option. Reduce management costs and effort for complex Oracle licensing
  • Virtualisation management. Identification and management of virtual products over the entire network
  • Snow Device Manager. EMM complete solution for company-own management of mobile devices over their entire lifecycle
  • Snow Inventory. Cross-platform audit solution for network devices and software products and their use
  • Snow Integration Connectors. Integration of Snow’s SAM platform with solutions for inventorying, ITAM and service
  • Management Snow Optimizer for SAP Software. Optimisation of the cost-benefit balance through intelligent SAP licence management
  • Snow Automation Platform. Definition and implementation of an automated process for sustainable licence optimisation

You can find more information about Snow Software here.


Webinar recording – Optimise SaaS costs

Find out in our webinar how to maintain an overview of your software solutions and related costs and how you can optimise their use.

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