Our partner for simple and effective corporate security.

These days, IT security products are as complicated as networks.

Sophos believes that a solution for complex IT security shouldn’t add another layer of complexity.

What does Sophos mean for you?

  • Easy and efficient management from a central location
  • Simple set-up
  • Synchronised security
  • Support from Sophos partners
  • Self-service user portal
  • IT security management on the go
  • Migration from the Sophos Enterprise Console
  • Technical specifications
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Download (PDF)

Hackers are synchronising their attacks.

Synchronise your IT security today.

  • Synchronized Security is the industry’s leading security system that enables your defence mechanisms to act in a more coordinated manner than the attacks themselves.
  • Synchronized Security provides unique protection through a combination of an intuitive security platform with next-gen products that interact to block complex threats.
  • Synchronized Security is an industry-leading security system in which integrated products dynamically share security information and automatically react to threats.
  • Hackers coordinate their attacks. Synchronized Security coordinates your defence, so you get more enhanced threat protection than ever before and shorten response times in the event of security incidents by 99.9%.

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