Making e-mail safer for business.

Mimecast is the leading specialist in cyber resilience and offers businesses solutions for e-mail and web security, archiving and data protection, awareness raising and continuity (high availability). Using the integrated platform, customers can consolidate their IT systems, minimise complexity and save resources.

No matter if the e-mail system is on-site at the company, in the cloud with Office 365 or in a hybrid environment, Mimecast fully manages all cyber risks and ensures e-mailing is always secure.

Our aim is to consistently prevent cyber attacks, human error and technical failures, which is why more than 34,000 customers already trust in Mimecast.

Manage cyber risks with E-mail Security.

Mimecast E-mail Security combines technologies developed in-house with third parties’ market-leading technologies to offer businesses multi-layer protection against malware, spam, phishing and other targeted attacks. 

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Protect data, easily manage and restore it quickly after an attack with e-mail archiving.

Mimecast Cloud Archive stores this sensitive data in a secure and centrally accessible location. Customers will also benefit from the simple administration, quick searching, and simplified e-discovery and case-management tools to quickly respond to compliance and legal questions.

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Ensure continuous operations with E-mail Continuity.

Mimecast Mailbox Continuity ensure uninterrupted access to current and historic e-mails, attachments and calendar entries. No matter if your Microsoft Exchange Service or Office 365 goes down as planned or completely out of the blue, your staff can still send and receive e-mails thanks to Mimecast Mailbox Continuity.

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Webinar recording – Brand protection.

Watch our webinar and discover all about how to protect your brand from cyber threats. 

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