Erweitertes Portfolio

Expanded portfolio.

We maintain partnerships with over 130 manufacturers.

Whether it be IT administrators, developers, human resources staff or marketing pros—our corporate portfolio has something for everyone.

The following is just a taste of our expanded portfolio.


Our infrastructure portfolio comprises manufacturers with first-class IT infrastructure solutions, as well as alternatives and add-ons for larger providers.


The collaboration portfolio comprises manufacturers that offer added value to the world of collaboration. These manufacturers supply first-class solutions, as well as add-ons and alternatives to well-known manufacturers in the field.


Increase business productivity with sensible and effective tools for creating and processing documents, presentations, graphics, screenshots, and on-screen videos.


Reduce the risk of viruses, data loss, downtime, and unauthorised access to PCs and files to a minimum with our select security software solutions for anti-viruses, 2-factor authentication via token or text message, remote access VPN, network security, interface control, secure e-mail communication, and authorisation management.


Our storage and archiving portfolio comprises interesting add-ons and alternatives to large, established manufacturers. Areas including backup, data and disaster recovery, and the archiving of all possible forms of business communication are covered (e-mail, documents, Twitter, Facebook, Skype for business, etc.).