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Workplace Security.


Businesses are turning to new technologies to boost efficiency and productivity, and so our world of work is undergoing constant change. Employees don’t always have to be present in the office, but can work flexibly at any time from anywhere, a fact which is reflected in the new requirements of the world of work, a focus on information security and the need for new IT security concepts.

Employees are the primary target of cyberattacks and are not 100 per cent protected by security solutions, gateway firewalls, network IPS, etc. from within the company. As a result, existing security strategies need to be widened and enhanced. New technologies are needed to monitor the various information channels (networks, mobile storage media, web, e-mails), detect threats and implement appropriate countermeasures.

The modern workplace relies heavily on cloud applications, which are very well protected and certified to international standards. Application information must be protected against unauthorised third parties such as through encryption, which can prevent third parties from viewing the information. By checking for anomalies, the risk of internal systems becoming infected is kept to a minimum.

Application access must be as secure as the information is protected. Authentication can be stepped up a factor by introducing usernames and passwords such as a random pin number that changes every 30 seconds. With this kind of measure in place, access to information is much more difficult when a user’s identity is stolen.

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