Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Defence –

Preventative measures to defend against threats.


Hackers usually target large companies for cyberattacks. In recent years, the risk of falling prey to extremely professional cybercrime has dramatically gone up, with motives ranging from economic espionage, blackmail to sabotage. They may seek to lift business secrets such as construction or customer data, or simply cause damage to their target. 

Cyber security spans a broad range of diverse threats and counter measures. First and foremost, cyber security focusses on the dangers presented by criminals, which differentiates from general IT security. Cyber security is about minimising an organisation’s attack surface, as securing IT systems alone is not enough when it comes to cybercrime. After all, attacks may just as well come from within, e.g. in the form of blackmail or corruption. In this regard, there are many parallels between cyber security and counter intelligence.

Choose Bechtle-Comsoft for these benefits:

  • We’ll help you optimise your defences against attacks.
  • Our experts are cyber security professionals and always at the cutting edge.
  • If worst comes to worst, we’ll help you weather the storm, wipe any malware off your systems and assist you in finding the culprit.
  • We’ll make sure all your bases are covered—from threat prevention, to vulnerability detection, to counter measures and forensics.
With our cyber security solution, we’ll help you stay one step ahead of the hackers and keep your data under lock and key.

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