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for a successful M365 launch - and increased productivity in your organization.

Real-time communication, transparent information flow and faster decision-making processes: M365's modern collaboration tools can have a positive and sustainable impact on collaboration in your company.

In addition to the challenges of license rollout, M365 also means a profound cultural change for your organization. And above all - introducing Office 365 is not a one-off project, it's a continuous process. 

The new digital workplace is constantly changing, and Evergreen IT demands new strategies for to keep your end users up-to-date. 

soluzione42 e-learning is your guide through the digitalization jungle

  • permanently reduce your number of helpdesk tickets
  • significantly increase your M365 productivity
  • ensures user acceptance and satisfaction in their new digital workplace

With soluzione42, you'll deliver on Microsoft's productivity promises for your business!

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soluzione42 eLearning Content

Are you looking for educational content for M365?

Welcome to the soluzione42 library.

soluzione42 learning content is:

  • Comprehensive: Over 2,500 learning objects covering more than 20 Microsofts topics. 
  • International: Available in 6 languages (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch), other languages available on request.
  • Always up to date: Evergreen updates of the entire learning content in the soluzione42 library synchronized with the official six-month Microsoft 365 channel. 

It's easy to integrate soluzione42 eLearning content into your system:

  • in your desired SCORM standard or via LTI interface (=Learning Tools Interoperabilty) for an LMS (Learning Management System)
  • or with soluzione42 deep links (in SharePoint, on your intranet, etc.)

Microsoft Office versions: Office 2016 / Office 2019 / M365 / Office online

Current course library

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft-Teams
  • SharePoint online
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft-Planner
  • Microsoft-Whiteboard
  • OneNote Desktop-App
  • Yammer
  • Windows 10
  • soluzione42 scenarios module
  • Forms
  • Find Time
  • Accessibility in Windows and Office 365

NEW starting July 2022

  • To Do
  • M365 2-factor authentication
  • Windows 11
  • Office 2021
  • M365 Tool Compass

soluzione42 eLearning Plattform

Don't have your own LMS or learning environment yet?

Symply use soluzione42 Web as a learning platform for M365:

  • Modern, user-friendly and personalizable web interface for soluzione42 eLearning content.
  • Course area for structured learning. 
  • "What's New" section for quick information on new features in the latest Microsoft "Evergreen Update". 
  • Semantic full-text search for targeted problem solving (also recognizes colloquiral language).
  • Migrationtools for easy switching from older Office versions to M365 Apps for Enterprise or from other mail clients, such as Lotus-Notes or Novel Groupwise, to Outlook 365.
  • Share learning & support content with a single click (soluzione42 as a helpdesk tool for IT support).

The soluzione42 web portal gives you access to search tools and numerous learning units, ad-hoc support, and expert tips on M365 from anywhere. You can access our systematic learning web portal - soluzione42 web - via the "Libary" button. 

Click on any course module to open the chapters and subchapters for the selected M365 learning unit. 

1. Homepage: No matter which page in our web portal you’re currently on, the homepage is just a mouse click away. Your entry point to soluzione42 web.

2. Library: The library button takes you to the library menu and allows you to switch to a desired course from any area of the web portal.

3. Full text search: The semantic search also transfers colloquial terms into M365 professional terminology, and supports spelling correction and auto complete, so that you can find solutions to your questions quickly and easily.

4. Your favorites: Click here to go to your favorites. You can mark desired learning units as favorites and save them for quick access.

5. Your history: Clicking this button will show you the last learning units you opened. This makes it easier to find helpful solutions again.

6. Languages: soluzione42 Web's content and interface are available in several languages. Select your preferred language here.

7. Personal welcome area: Here you’ll find a list of your most recently added favorites and your most recently opened learning units. Both areas will be automatically updated as soon as you've opened a learning unit or marked it as a favorite. You can also access materials like our introductory tour or film.

8. All topics: In this section you’ll see all the courses that are available to you. Open your desired course by clicking on it.

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soluzione42 eLearning Performance Support

Would you like a bit more?

The soluzione42 app turbocharges user adaption for M365 in your organization:

  • Seamless integration: Learning & support directly in the respective Microsoft application
  • Quick sense of achievement with the new Microsoft programs
  • Learning right when you need it
  • Sustainable relief for your helpdesk

Support and learning take place right where you need the information - in the program you're using. The soluzione42 app integrates seamlessly with your M365 applications. 

And to get the answers you need, you don't even need to leave the program. You can try out your new knowledge right in your open document. 

Whichever programs you work with - soluzione42 always gives you access to current M365 learning and support offerings via the same, universal support interfaces.



You would like to speak directly with our experts about soluzione42 eLearning?

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