Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM).

More control and lower costs with our Software Asset Management (SAM).

Cloud computing, virtualisation, mobile communication, and global networks: The number of software solutions and therefore application areas is continually increasing. It is therefore hardly surprising that software vendors are demanding clear proof of licensing and regular compliance checks. But that’s not the only reason for implementing effective licence management solutions—they

also provide your company with better oversight and control. and that lets you identify areas in which you can dramatically cut costs.

But if Software Asset Management (SAM) is to really work, you need the right partner. Bechte-Comsoft.

Three strong arguments for Software Asset Management (SAM) with Bechte-Comsoft.

1) Software Asset Management (SAM) baseline

Let us take a snapshot of your software and create a foundation for ongoing Software Asset Management (SAM). And naturally, we work with multi-vendor products.

2) Software Asset Management (SAM) consulting 

Book our software Asset Management (SAM) experts for training sessions, workshops, consultations, and analyses.

3) SAM365

Procure full IT Asset Management 365 days a year with our Software Asset Management (SAM) solution in the Cloud. Reach your optimal status of all uses, processes, and contracts.

Five compelling arguments for Software Asset Management (SAM).

1) Legal security

Avoid legal risks with regard to licensing

2) Savings

Optimised software application, optimisation with central purchasing and provisions

3) Planning

Budgeting, overview of licensing and maintenance agreements, service invoicing

4) Transparency

Valid data on commercial licence inventory

5) Support

Effective support during operation, migrations and rollouts, consistent software versions across the board



Five strong arguments for Bechte-Comsoft.

1) Experience

We have been in the software licensing business for over 35 years.

2) Team

We employ over 50 management software asset management (SAM) certified specialists (MCP).

3) Status

We are Software Asset Management (SAM) partner of many leading vendors.

4) Performance

We analyse software components, unleash potential, and optimise. Quickly, effectively, reliably, and expertly.

5) Solutions

We have the right Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions for your requirements and infrastructure.

SAM Oracle Java Assessment.
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Microsoft Cybersecurity Assessment.
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SAM Oracle Database Assessment.
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Microsoft Contract Optimisation Assessment.
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Infrastructure Optimisation Assessment.
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