Microsoft Statement zu MPSA

Falsche Meldung bezüglich der Zukunft von dem Microsoft MPSA Vertragsmodell.

Hier das offizielle Statement von Microsoft:

"Thank you for your question regarding the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). This agreement continues to be an appropriate choice for current and new transactional purchases. Microsoft has not communicated any plans or dates to retire the MPSA.
Please refer to the Microsoft Volume License Blog post from January 10, which outlines our modern licensing strategy and announced that Azure pay-as-you-go will no longer be available for new Azure customers through the MPSA – that is the only change to the MPSA at this time.

Please note that any official announcements of changes to licensing programs can be found on the Microsoft Volume Licensing blog."

Post 10.Januar 2017
Microsoft Volume Licencing Blog
O ffizielles Statement

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