Open Source Compliance Management.

    Open source software – A strategic issue for the entire company.

    The use of open source software is standard in the development of software today. For database software, in-house server operating systems and for creating and managing web services and applications, the vast majority of businesses leverage open source software. Cost savings, access to the source code and greater security are all reasons behind this, but many underestimate that the use of this software can lead to complex legal questions. 

    We actively support you in facing this challenge with our new service:

    Open Source Compliance Management

    - generic and/or tool-based -


    • Workshops on the basics, definition and differentiation of open source software in companies.


    • Process and vulnerability analysis in Open Source Compliance Management.
    • Identification and inventorying of the open source software in use in the company and the associated risks / SAM analysis.


    • Creation of a readiness model for the design and introduction of a new open source compliance strategy in the company.
    • Consultation and introduction of licence optimisation concepts depending on your infrastructure.
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